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Thank you for selecting Concho Valley Martial Arts Center for your Martial Arts Training and Education! You have selected an exemplary training facility with outstanding Instructors who are highly trained and well-versed in the Martial Arts taught at Concho Valley Martial Arts Center including instruction in ITF TaeKwon-Do, Judo, TaeYu-Do (a blend of Korean Judo and TaeKwon-Do), and Filipino Stick Fighting and Knife Defense.
With almost 100 years of combined Martial Arts Experience in our Instructors, you can expect to have a positive, pleasurable and enlightening experience in your Martial Arts Training at Concho Valley Martial Arts Center. You will appreciate the quality instruction offered by our Studio and you will come to grow immensely in your Martial Arts development.

TaeKwon-Do, although based on Korean Martial Arts techniques from hundreds of years ago, recently came into being in 1955. Kicking and punching techniques, board-breaking, sparring, joint locks and joint manipulation, leg sweeps, take-downs and proper falling techniques and Korean wrestling moves all encompass the TaeKwon-Do curriculum studied at Concho Valley Martial Arts Center.

TaeKwon-Do was named by General Choi, Hong-Hi (pronounced “Chay” Hong-Hee”). General Choi was a 2-Star South Korean General and is known as “The Founder of TaeKwon-Do”. General Choi passed away in June, 2002. (This instructor was fortunate enough to train with General Choi on several occasions).

TaeYu-Do, is based on the Korean principles of Yu-do (Korean Judo) and TaeKwon-Do and blends the striking techniques of TaeKwon-Do with the take-down moves of Yu-do. Arm bars, guard locks, take-downs, ground-fighting submission techniques and proper falling techniques are all part of TaeYu-Do training.

Filipino Stick-Fighting and Knife Defense drills are based on the filipino arts of Arnis and Escrima and are incorporated in the Self-Defense curriculum at Concho Valley Martial Arts Center.

Cultural and Historical backgrounds relative to Korea, and traditional aspects of training such as discipline and self-control, respect for self and others, courtesy to seniors, integrity and honesty, and a deep sense of pride in accomplishing set goals, all encompass Concho Valley Martial Arts Center’s training. Our students develop into upright and outstanding individuals with positive attitudes willing to work hard to achieve goals and ready to help others in need.

There are no “Mystical Secrets” in training at CVMAC except for hard work, dedication, and a desire to learn proper body mechanics and body physics against an opponent by continued practice, conditioning, and repetition; self-defense techniques become second-nature to our students. This instills confidence and proficiency in our students’ effectiveness in becoming a well-rounded individual physically, mentally, socially and even spiritually.

Welcome to Concho Valley Martial Arts Center…you and/or your student are off to a GREAT START in your Martial Arts Journey! TaeKwon!



Master Frank Galindo III, VII Dan Black Belt in ITF TaeKwon-Do, began training in TaeKwon-Do in San Angelo, TX in 1982 in the MooDo-Kwan system under Mr. Mike Sekach. Galindo received his first Black Belt – I Dan – in Corpus Christi, TX in 1990. During his first eight years of training, Galindo delved into different styles of Martial Arts including the Ed Parker System of Chinese Kempo, and also into a little-known style of Karate called Ashi-Hara established by Hideyuke Ashihara. Galindo’s first exposure to the Martial Arts was at a Judo demonstration in Del Rio, TX. From his involvement in TaeKwon-Do, Galindo’s interest gravitated towards, and remained with, TaeKwon-Do. Galindo continues training in ITF TaeKwon-Do,


We also provide online training programs from our studio . It is very easy process and helpfull to those who wants to learn from home.

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